In-Person and Online Language Classes

Language Classes Online Skype

Online and In-Person Language Classes for kids and adults. ESL English ESL, Spanish, Russian and Latvian Classes and Tutoring. Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Language level for all ages. Introduction to Italian, Portuguese and French.

ESL English Language Classes $20 – $30 per Hour

Learn American or British English from beginning to advance. Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced ESL ESOL English lessons covers Grammar, Reading, Vocabulary, Writing and Verbal Skills. Study materials are provided and / or can be combined with a student study books.
Geography, History, Civics and Basic Laws are covered by a request. Read more…

Spanish Language Classes $20 – $35 per Hour

Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Spanish Tutoring. We offer Online and In-person Spanish Language Classes for all ages. You learn Grammar, Reading, Vocabulary, Writing, Phonetics and Verbal Skills. Spanish Lessons focused on each student and based on learning purpose. Study materials provided and / or combined with students’ books. Read more…

Spanish Study Guide PDF Download Learn Spanish Language and speak free in Spanish-speaking countries

Russian Language Classes $30 – $35 per Hour

We offer Russian native tutors in Florida. Group and family, individual or private Russian Language classes for all ages. Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced level covers Russian Cyrillic Alphabet, Grammar, Reading, Writing and Cursive Writing, Sounds and Phonetics, Numbers, Basic Phrases, Conversation. All study material provided. Read more…

Russian Study Guide PDF Download Learn Russian Language and communicate free in Russian-Speaking countries

Latvian Language Classes $30 – $35 per Hour

Learn Latvian Language from Beginner to Advanced. Online Latvian Language Classes and In-Person Tutoring offered in Palm Coast Florida and areas around. Latvian Language Lessons cover Alphabet, Numbers, Writing, Reading, Conversation, Helpful Phrases and more. Study material provided. Read more…

Latvian Study Guide PDF Download Learn Latvian Language and communicate free in Latvia

Italian Language Classes $30 – $35 per Hour

Online and In-Person Italian Language Classes and introduction to Italian for all ages. Italian Lessons cover Beginner, Intermediate level. You learn Alphabet, Phonetics, Common Phrases, Writing, Reading, Grammar, Vocabulary. All study material provided and / or can be combined with a students’ books. Audio lessons included.  Read more…

Italian Study Guide PDF Download Learn Italian Language and communicate free in Italy

Portuguese Language Classes $30 – $35 per Hour

Portuguese Language Classes Introduction and Beginner Level. Read more…

Portuguese Study Guide PDF Download Learn Portuguese Language and communicate free in Portuguese-Speaking countries

French Language Classes $30 – $35 per Hour

French Language Classes Introduction and Beginner Level for all ages. Online and In-Person French Classes for kids, families and individuals. You learn Alphabet, Phonetics, Words Pronunciation, Writing, Reading, Conversation Topics, Vocabulary.  Learn French and travel to France with an ability communicate with people in beautiful Paris and areas around. Read more…

French Study Guide PDF Download Learn French and communicate free in France.

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Language Classes Online Skype

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