Interpreter Services Palm Coast

The LT&CT Interpreter Services provides access to phone and on-site interpreting services in 4 languages and dialects. We offer help for non-English speakers. We also provide interpreter skill training and testing for your current and prospective interpreters and bilingual staff.

In-Person Interpreting

Interpreters help our clients to bridge the language gap. Whether you need to speak face to face with a client at your office, a patient in your hospital or you are making a presentation to a small or large group, LT&CT Center  interpreters can be there to communicate your message in Spanish, Russian, English or Latvian languages. Interpreters can be scheduled at any time weekdays or weekends for as little as a few hours or as much as days at a time.

We offer Interpreters for:

  • Conferences
  • Courtrooms
  • Legal depositions
  • Medical appointments
  • Business presentations
  • Public/Business Meetings
  • School systems
  • Media

Language Interpretation by Phone – Phone Interpreting

When you work with an interpreter over the phone, you essentially have a 3-way conference call (the interpreter, you and the party you’re calling or is calling you). LT&CT Center Telephone Interpreting was developed as a quick, confidential and convenient way to conquer language barriers when an in-person interpreter is not a viable option. With industry leading connect times, an interpreter in any language is only 15 seconds away!

We offer Language Telephone Interpreting for:

  • Health care organizations
  • Call centers
  • Insurance
  • Financial institutions
  • Legal and law enforcement
  • Immigration interviews

Video Interpreting

LT&CT Center Skype Video Interpreting is the most innovative and easy to use. In certain life situations video interpreting can be a great option! LT&CT Center Video Interpreting connects you to a professional interpreter in a short time. This online video approach is especially useful in time sensitive situations such as a patient in the emergency room of a hospital. There isn’t always time to wait for an in-person interpreter to arrive so in that case Skype video interpreting could be extremely helpful!

We offer Video Interpreting for:

  • Health care organizations
  • Businesses
  • Legal and courtrooms
  • Call centers

Conference Interpreting

Conference interpreting is also known as simultaneous interpreting. As the name infers it is used at large seminar or workshop types of events.  If there are people in the audience who have Limited-English Proficiency the event organizers will often arrange for conference interpreters.  The audience members are each given a set of headphones with a radio and are instructed to turn to a certain channel.  The interpreters sit in the back of the room with a headset equipped with a microphone and tune in to the same channel as the audience members.  As the speaker presents, the interpreter/s whisper what is being said simultaneously with only a few seconds delay.

We offer Conference Interpreting for:

  • Business conferences
  • Business lectures
  • Community meetings
  • Seminars/Lectures

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