Online and In-Person Russian Lessons Tutoring

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Online Russian Lessons Skype

Learn Russian Language with a native speaking tutor Online and In-Person. We offer Russian Language Lessons with Russian tutors. You can request an online / Russian by Skype or in-person private tutoring. Each Russian Lesson customized for a student based on learning purpose. Russian Language Lessons cover Introductions to Russian and three levels – Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. We offer private turning and small group classes for families and individuals.
Russian Lessons covers Russian Cyrillic Alphabet, Cursive Writing, Phonetics, Sound Combination, Grammar, Reading, Vocabulary, Verbal and Communication Skills. Learning materials are provided and can be combined with a student study books.

Russian Lessons Beginner Level

Russian Language Lessons basic or Beginners level cover introduction to Russian Cyrillic Alphabet, Hand and Cursive alphabet writing practice, Sounds, Phonetics, Stress (words accent), Letter Combination, Numbers, Plural and Singular Verb Forms, basic Reading and Writing. You also learn how to introduce yourself in Russian, Practice basic Conversation, most Common Phrases and Vocabulary. Russian Language Beginner level  30% Vocabulary, 30% Conversation Practice, 20% Writing, 20% Grammar.

Russian Lessons Intermediate Level

Prior to take a Russian Language Lessons Intermediate level you must know alphabet and read free in Russian. You learn Russian Grammar, Verbs and Pronouns, Nouns, Genitive Case, Dative Case, Instrumental Case, Russian language Past Case. All grammar learning combine with a practice exercises during the class and homework. During Russian Lessons Intermediate level you learn Days of the Week, Months, Seasons of the Year, Clock and Time and much more. Russian Lessons Intermediate level 10% writing, 20% Grammar, 30% Grammar Exercises, 20% Conversation, 20% Vocabulary.

Russian Lessons Advanced Level

Russian Language Lessons Advanced level focus on College Reading and Writing. Writing and reading free cursive alphabet and Russian poetry. You learn how to write letters, short stories and essays, Verbs in Motion, Nominative Case, Accusative Case, Dative Case, Preposition Case, Aspects, Conjugated Verbs. Russian Language Advanced level 50% Communication, 30% Writing, 20% Grammar.

Russian Lessons for Kids in Palm Coast

Private Russian Lessons for kids in Palm Coast Florida, Daytona Beach, Jacksonville City and areas around. Private Russian Lessons and Tutoring offered for kids 3 – 12 years old. Each class customized based on you child knowledge and learning purpose. Russian Lessons for kids delivered in a game way. We teach using a video, audio and reading combination together with visual memorization. Professional Russian native tutors have years of experience and individual approach to each little student. All study material provided. We recommend for kids ages 3 – 6 to start with 30 minutes Russian Lessons. For kids ages 7 and up 40 minutes Russian Lessons is a good beginning. Read more…

Russian Lessons by Skype

Уроки русского языка для русско-говорящих жителей США

Russian Study Guide PDF Download Beginner Level Part 1 Russian Grammar and Basic Phrases

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