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Online Latvian Lessons Skype

Latvian language is not too common and mostly spoken in North of Europe Latvia. If you are planning to visit Riga capital of Latvia we recommend you to take an introduction course or beginner level to Latvian language. Latvian language has Latin alphabet what can be easy to learn.  If you already know some Latvian we offer intermediate and advanced study level. Improve your Latvian language skills with professional Latvian tutors online or in-person. For students convenience we offer online or in-person private tutoring for Latvian language and classes any time that works for you. Tutor customizes lessons based on your current Latvian Language level focus on learning purpose and goals.
Latvian lessons covers Alphabet, Grammar, Reading, Vocabulary, Writing and Verbal Skills. Study materials are provided and / or can be combined with a student study books.

Latvian Lessons Beginner Level

Latvian lessons beginner level cover Alphabet, Phonetics, Basic Vocabulary, Numbers, Beginners’ Writing, Conversation Practice, Basic Reading. Introduction to Latvian Language is part of a beginner level. You learn country geographical location, population, Old Riga Town structure, Historical Places and more.

Latvian Lessons Intermediate Level

Latvian lessons Intermediate level cover Writing, Grammar, Advanced Conversation and Practice, Days of the Week, Months, Seasons and more.

Latvian Lessons Advanced Level

Latvian lessons Advanced level cover Reading, Writing, Grammar, Free Communication Practice,  Poetry, Essays and more.

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 Online Latvian Lessons Skype

Latvian by Skype