French Lessons Palm Coast Florida

Online or In-Person and Group French Lessons and French tutoring for kids, teens and adults. We offer French lessons and a French tutor for beginners and advanced students.

1 Hour Online French
1 Hour Online French Lesson Tutoring
1 Hour In-Person French
1 Hour In-Person French Lesson Tutoring
  • Introduction to French
  • Beginner level
  • Intermediate level
  • French I for High School students & College students
  • French II for High School students & College students

French Lessons cover Alpabet, Grammar, Reading, Vocabulary, Writing, Phonetics, Verbal Skills, Conversation and more. All study material provided or / and can be combined with a students learning books and materials. French lessons are focused on each student and based on learning purpose and knowledge. Online and Private In-Person French Lessons are offered to kids, adults and families.

Introduction to French

French Beginners Level

Beginner level covers introduction to French and basic grammar – Alphabet, sounds, phonetics, basic vocabulary, writing and reading, numbers, sentence structure, conversation practice. French tutoring approach is audio and video combination.

French Intermediate Level

Homework Support for High School Students & College Students Learning French

If you already learning French or taking French Classes at University, College or High School we offer Assignment and Homework support for students all ages. Each student must have an excellent communication and discipline.

Tutoring Days: Monday - Sunday

In-Person Tutoring Time: Monday - Friday 9 am - 8 pm; Saturday - Sunday 9 am - 5 pm

Online Tutoring Time: 24/7

Payment Options: PayPal, Cash, Check

Contact Phone Number: (386)338-1408; (305)604-9666;


For In-Person Tutoring Classes must provide exact location information. (Example: You want to be tutor in a house, office or business center)

For Online Classes request must provide desire class, days and hours per week taken, time based on your location. (Example: 10 am EST)
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